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This project was realized in C# using Visual Studio 2012.
The purpose of the project is to demonstrate 3 design patterns in a friendly way. The context of the project is that the user is working at a car dealership and can sell 3 types of cars (Coupe, Mini, Sedan). These cars have 3 common properties (name, color and transmission type) and 3 that are characteristic to each of the type. The program offers 4 options:
  1. Add a client
  2. Add a car
  3. Remove a car
  4. Print all cars
I will explain one by one the design patterns used:
  • Singleton: This was implemented using the class AppRunner.cs. In the main function of the project (in Program.cs) only one instance of this class is instantiated by calling the static method AppRunner.Instance()
  • Abstract Factory: For the use of this design pattern I used the abstract class AbstractCarFactory, which is then inherited by CarCoupeFactory, CarMiniFactory and CarSedanFactory. They all override the abstract method GetCar().
  • Object Pool: I implemented this design pattern in the AppRunner.cs class by using the wrapper CarPool.cs over a Queue object. 3 pools where needed for this example (one for each car type). When a new car is added into the system I get it from the pool if it is available, otherwise from the corresponding CarFactory class. Whenever a car is deleted from the system, if there is room, I put it back in the corresponding pool. The maximum number of the objects in pools is set in Program.cs when AppRunner.GeneratePools(int poolSize) is called.

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